We're Tredicom


We are a service company that provides companies with solutions focused on solving requirements, problems and day-to-day operational processes on the EDI, B2B, e-Commerce, Retail, CFDI markets, among others.

We assist your business processes by combining technology to provide an intelligent solution in trading.

We adapt to all companies based on their needs and technological capabilities, we integrate companies without EDI / B2B capabilities, assisting from a manual operation to companies with FULL EDI integration capabilities between systems.

We offer solutions that assist organizations with the generation and stamping of CFDIs.

We provide a business suite that shows, manages and trades products through e-Commerce + B2B.

Our goal is to provide and assist with technology business processes between suppliers, distributors and customers. We focus on creating packaged software, systems and services that solve and support business processes through automation and electronic means. We provide and assist technologically in business transactions and business strategy, improving the supplier-distributor relationship and positively impacting the end consumer.

Ask about our range of products and services:

  • TREDIBUS for EDI integration
  • TREDIBUS RETAIL consolidates and standardizes all your retails
  • T-MANAGER for CFDI generation and stamping
  • HAROF as a business suite B2B + e-Commerce

TREDICOM has the solution for you. What need can we solve today?

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