Do you sell or trade to large trading chains?

Trading with a self-service chain or so-called Retails can be challenging for many of your suppliers or business partners.

Receiving purchase orders, being aware of the reception of merchandise, sending invoices, including the addenda process in CFDIs and being aware of the status of the invoice are critical business processes for the business relationship between retailers and suppliers.

Suppliers need to have agile processes integrated into their operation

The correct issuance of your invoices and their relationship with the corresponding purchase order to retail is reflected in a better cash flow process at the supplier end.

The process of standardizing the reception and visualization of purchase orders, the organization and visibility of business transactions and reducing the response time that the supplier receives from retail are vital factors for a healthy business relationship between suppliers and retailers.

Another important and impactful aspect for suppliers are the investments that they must make in addition to the technological infrastructure effort to manage their business relationship with retail, especially for suppliers in the SME sector. The best options for providers in the market are those that allow you to obtain the benefits of an all-inclusive process with a minimum investment.

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