Do you sell or trade to large trading chains?

Trading with a self-service chain or so-called Retails can be challenging for many of your suppliers or business partners. Receiving purchase orders, being aware of the reception of merchandise, sending invoices, including the addenda process in CFDIs and being aware of the status of the invoice are critical business processes for the business relationship between retailers and suppliers. Suppliers need to have agile processes integrated into their operation The correct issuance of your invoices and their relationship with the corresponding purchase order to retail is reflected in a better cash flow process at the supplier end.

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We're Tredicom

Tredicom We are a service company that provides companies with solutions focused on solving requirements, problems and day-to-day operational processes on the EDI, B2B, e-Commerce, Retail, CFDI markets, among others. We assist your business processes by combining technology to provide an intelligent solution in trading. We adapt to all companies based on their needs and technological capabilities, we integrate companies without EDI / B2B capabilities, assisting from a manual operation to companies with FULL EDI integration capabilities between systems.

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