360° Business process automation

In Tredicom we cover the 360° of the business processes, we integrate and automate the processes and services of EDI/B2B and CFDIs/Invoices.

It is common for many companies to cover the EDI/B2B processes with an EDI specialized provider and to require another specialized provider to cover their CFDI needs, therefore having two different providers to cover all their business processes. This is because few providers are capable of having both services in their product portfolio.

In TREDICOM we are experts in both EDI/B2B and CFDI/Invoicing

We cover your EDI/B2B processes with our TREDIBUS system and through our T Manager system we cover the integration and automation of regulatory CFDIs in Mexico.


Having a supplier that covers all business processes gives you the advantage of maintaining a high level of support and attention in day-to-day operational processes with business partners.


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