About us

TREDICOM is founded by the collaboration between Supply Chain functional experts focused on the operations of the Retail Industry, experts in data communications and Information Technology, with the participation of a team that investigates the needs of companies to assist their business processes using most current technology.

The idea appears for the first time in the partners’ table in early 2015 and is consolidated at late 2016. Focused on creating packaged software and services that can solve and/or assist business processes through automation and electronic media.

  • B2B/EDI
  • E Commerce
  • Electronic billing - CFDI
  • Retail

We are a service company that provides other companies with solutions focused on solving requirements and day to day problems and operational processes on the B2B, EDI markets and their business processes.



We are passionate about collaboration in the digital and e-commerce network, our goal is to provide and assist with technology the commercial processes between suppliers and distributors.

We are motivated by the idea of contributing and assisting the business transactions and strategies with technology, adding to the cause of improving the supplier’s relationship with the distributor and positively impacting the final consumer.


With over 100 years of combined expertise leading business process automation and data communications projects.

Know some of our systems

Tredicom’s systems apply the best practices of EDI, B2B and the Retail industry. We combine processes and technology to provide an intelligent, user friendly solution in business documents interchange. We act as the connector between supplier and client providing intuitive, easy to use systems, we promote collaboration and expand your capabilities with Electronic Data Interchange EDI/B2B.


Learn about the detailed experiences of what our customers say about us, our services, and our experience in the EDI / B2B sector.