Tredibus is the EDI system that allows you to communicate your business messages in a secure, reliable and effective way, using cutting-edge technology in every stage of the Electronic Document Interchange process, delivering the following advantages:

  • Operating cost reduction in sending and receiving EDI transactions.
  • Flexibility and scalability: we adjust to your transaction volume with your business partners.
  • Full availability guaranteed in all your B2B operations.
  • Fast deployments. The integration with your business partners processes in a very short time.
Tredibus Model

Secure and reliable EDI communications

With Tredibus you can establish secure and robust EDI communications with your business partners.

  • We have the capability to support the most widely used standards in the industry, such as X12 and EDIFACT.
  • We interpret any message such as invoice, ASN (Advanced Ship Notice), purchase order, planning order, among others.
  • We connect with any communication protocol, such as VAN (Value Added Network), FTP, SFTP, HTTP, AS2, among others.

In a few steps, we manage your EDI message exchange with all your business partners

  • Evaluation of your EDI processes to identify your needs (mappings, business rules, etc).
  • Design and deployment of the best solution to cover your EDI needs.
  • Integration of your business partners.
  • You are covered with the best support for you and your business partners.

Stop worrying about generating the file format your business partner recognizes. We carry out the mapping of information from any input format to any output format.

Tredibus Mapping Services

You and your business partners will be able to see your communications and business transactions on our monitor

You will be in control of each transaction in real-time through our monitor, which allows you to filter by sender, receiver, transaction set, issue date, among other fields that will help you have a better control and management of your EDI transactions between you and your business partners.

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